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What is Zombie Debt? What to Do If I’m Contacted?

If you’re struggling with debt, the last thing you need is to hear from some unknown company about a debt you didn’t know existed. But this has started happening with greater frequency now that some unscrupulous businesses are “buying” old debts so they can pursue collections. The term for this is “zombie debt,” and the […]

Bankruptcy for Veterans: Legal Support and Financial Solutions

Our country owes every veteran an unrepayable debt of gratitude. Serving in the United States Armed Forces is a brave and noble choice. Unfortunately, veterans may face financial difficulties just like anyone else. If this is your situation, you may be wondering about your options for debt relief, including bankruptcy.  Financial Risks Faced by Veterans […]

Bankruptcy and Medical Bills: Managing Healthcare Debt in Tough Times

Medical debt affects nearly everyone, but it can be especially burdensome for those with chronic illnesses that require long-term hospitalization and time away from work. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Americans had amassed $88 billion in medical debt as of mid-2021, a figure reflected on credit report data.  Although most medical debt […]

Bankruptcy and Your Business: Options and Strategies

Being a business owner can be a very fulfilling experience. Most business owners have poured hours—if not a lifetime—of hard work, dedication, creativity, and perseverance into their businesses. And so one of the most heartbreaking realizations may be that a business isn’t solvent. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many business owners throughout the United […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce — Navigating the Complexities

It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to also research their options for debt relief. According to a 2018 survey by Ramsey Solutions, money issues are the top cause of conflicts among spouses.  But if you’re thinking about filing for both divorce and bankruptcy, it’s important to understand your options. Making the wrong choice or not […]

In Debt? Top Benefits of Working with a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re struggling with overwhelming debt, you may be considering bankruptcy as a solution. Thousands of people choose this option to gain some relief, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are different types of bankruptcies, and the process for filing can be complex.  Instead of trying to navigate the process on your […]

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Relief

Facing large amounts of debt can be a very startling and upsetting reality. Before you know it, spending and debt may become out of control, leaving you worried about the future, facing creditors, and even potentially becoming the subject of lawsuits and asset seizures. During our current financial times, this has happened to many residents […]