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What Should I Look For in a Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, your best chance for a successful outcome is to partner with a good bankruptcy lawyer. Although you can file for bankruptcy without an attorney, it’s not a good idea to do so. Here are some reasons why you should hire a bankruptcy lawyer and what you should look for to get the best one for your situation.

Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for personal bankruptcy can be a confusing and complex matter. If you are considering going it alone, you might want to think twice. Here are several reasons why it makes sense to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

  1. Bankruptcy Laws are Complicated

Bankruptcy rules are complex and varied. Most of the rules you’ll follow are based on the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, but some are based on state law. Your attorney will have a thorough knowledge of both, which includes filing time frames, qualifications for bankruptcy, exemptions, courtroom procedures, and other rules that must be followed for a successful outcome.

  1. Chose the Appropriate Type of Bankruptcy

There is more than one type of personal bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Which one is best for you will depend on your circumstances and goals. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help you make the appropriate choice.

  1. Stop Creditor Harassment

Once you hire a bankruptcy attorney and file a case, creditors will stop harassing you. If they don’t, they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  1. Avoid Costly Mistakes

An incorrect filing can lead to your bankruptcy case being dismissed and a mandatory waiting period before you can re-file. Having a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can help you avoid any issues that might cost you time and additional expense.

  1. Get Peace of Mind

You’re already facing enough stress and uncertainty with financial troubles and creditor harassment. The right attorney will explain your rights, guide you through the bankruptcy process, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney

Now that you know why you might want to have a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in your corner, here are some tips for choosing the best one for your situation.

  1. Look for a Specialist

Some lawyers practice in multiple areas. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, it’s a good idea to choose an attorney who devotes a significant portion of their practice to bankruptcy law. If you choose someone who only “dabbles” in this area, they may not be familiar with all aspects of the law.

  1. Choose an Attorney With Experience

Ask the attorney about their level of experience. It’s not necessary that an attorney have decades of experience in this area of the law. Rather, it’s more important that they have handled a significant number of bankruptcy cases, giving them in-depth knowledge of the law and practical experience.

  1. Identify Law Firms With Local Knowledge

In addition to having ample experience with bankruptcy cases, you should also seek out an attorney who is familiar with your local landscape. In other words, you want to find a lawyer who has filed cases in your local courthouse so that they understand the procedures and have relationships with some of the personnel who may be working on your case.

  1. Find a Lawyer Who is Detail-Oriented

Does the attorney appear well-prepared and organized during your initial meeting? The best bankruptcy attorneys will have a particular eye for detail. There is a lot of paperwork involved with bankruptcies, and a single mistake could jeopardize your assets or case.

  1. Confirm You Are Compatible

Don’t forget to look for an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Bankruptcy is a big deal, so you need to work with someone you can be honest with and who you trust will listen to your concerns. If you want frequent updates, find out how you can get those.

  1. Ask About Legal Fees

While you shouldn’t make a decision solely based on price, money is obviously an issue if you are filing for bankruptcy. An attorney should offer a free consultation to help you understand your options. If you hire them, find out the specifics about their rates so that you don’t have any surprises.

Bottom line: Hire a bankruptcy attorney you can trust to help you get the financial relief you need and deserve. Gulf Coast Bankruptcy is dedicated to providing information to people struggling financially so that they can make informed decisions about their financial future.